Dear Colleagues and Clients:

On February 28, OmniComm Systems celebrates 20 years of growth and innovation. During the last two decades, OmniComm and the technology industry have evolved and undergone major changes. OmniComm has developed into a global leading provider of clinical data management technology.

OmniComm began its corporate life as a large-scale systems integrator working with a number of Fortune 500 companies.  However, the initial strategy shifted as OmniComm recognized opportunities in the clinical trials market and invested in the future — the clinical electronic data capture (EDC) industry.

Economic trends in the EDC industry have gone up and down, and the cycles of change have placed great demands on corporate adaptability. OmniComm has met those challenges. With a solid record of strategic acquisitions, organic investments and proprietary innovation, OmniComm has demonstrated its ability to rapidly adapt, while delivering excellence in innovation and customer service.

Our customers — academic and medical research organizations from nearly every continent — have been farsighted and have seen the value of technological development. This outlook has placed great demands on the EDC solutions required for efficient and reliable clinical trials. Our customers have shown a great deal of trust in our ability to deliver quality and excellence.

The content and scope of the tasks have challenged all of our employees, many of whom have been with the team for several years. This longevity is a sign of both passion and loyalty, coupled with access to great opportunities for improving skills and growing alongside the company. OmniComm will use this milestone anniversary to pay tribute to our staff for the tremendous effort and commitment that they have shown to the company and our customers during the last 20 years. Our employees are the soul of the company. They truly care and regularly make a difference.  With appreciation to our employees and customers, we celebrate the past and future.


Randy Smith
OmniComm Systems