IRTMaster, OmniComm's new IRT system, redefines IRT by delivering powerful randomization methods combined with our fully validated and configurable trial modules. It allows for much faster turnaround times from the requirement stage to the production stage. Built with the latest technology, IRTMaster can be used on any tablet, phone or device with ease. 



The IRTMaster platform allows a user to implement a wide range of randomization methods and offers great flexibility with its fully validated randomization modules. Some of the methods include stratified list-based randomization and Minimization – a method of adaptive stratified sampling.

  • Set balance for treatment groups.
  • Use Minimization based on Pocock and Simon.
  • Ability to change balance mid-study.
  • Open and close treatment groups mid-study.
  • Up to five stratification factors, including site.
  • Three treatment selection methods.


TrialMaster® Integration

IRTMaster with TrialMaster is seamlessly integrated to make the randomization process easier for the end user. A user can log in to TrialMaster and perform all of the trial's normal visits and functionality, and the configured subject and site data can be sent from TrialMaster to IRTMaster through importer tools. When it is time for randomization, the user can perform the randomization transaction through the TrialMaster interface, meaning a separate login to IRTMaster is not necessary. 


Mobile Access

IRTMaster is able to provide access to all trial functionality through a mobile-optimized interface. Any user can access the system in real time from a tablet or phone and perform study-related activities.