Maximize your e-Clinical investment

Leverage the right technologies exactly when needed for each study

Avoid the pitfall of using an “all-in one” e-Clinical suite which may not have the appropriate technology components for your study needs.  This approach often requires designing a study around the e-Clinical system rather than designing the system around the needs of the study.  Equally challenging is the choice to tackle the integration of disparate systems in house, a time-consuming, expensive endeavor.  A better approach is to have available an e-Clinical ecosystem comprised of the best “plug-and-play” technology components for the study.


OmniCloud® enables your organization to address these challenges while creating an integrated best-in-class e-Clinical enterprise.

  • Leverage complimentary solutions
  • Utilize robust and cost-effective integrations
  • Deploy projects faster
  • Scale technologies as needed
  • Avoid costly, maintenance in house infrastructure
  • Stay ahead of technology "obsolescence" by having latest, most innovative solutions available