OmniComm offers complete hosted SaaS engagement whereby OmniComm will designate a dedicated group of clinical and technology professionals to work closely with your team to design and build an EDC database that accurately matches the characteristics of your study design and provides the best experience for your end users, while allowing for rigorous data validation, flexible reporting and quality data extractions. OmniComm’s EDC services associates are industry professionals exclusively focused on effective study build and delivery.

Project Management

A project manager will be assigned to oversee all service delivery, taking you step by step through the study development process. Your project manager will document all activities, provide you with a detailed project plan and coordinate all correspondence and meetings throughout the process. Your project will commence with a formal kickoff meeting followed by weekly status calls and clear communications throughout the duration of your study. We use a methodology called OmniAdvance, to ensure that all of your deliverables are standard and high quality.

Clinical Services

Our clinical team has expertise in translating a clinical protocol into an intuitively designed data capture system that accurately meets the data capture requirements of your study while optimizing the design for the highest end user compliance. We will develop a complete Trial Design Specification (TDS) to fully document the design elements of your study. Our team will ensure that CRF design, Event Schedule, Site and Patient Definitions, Edit Checks, Derivations, and Code Lists are all optimized to use industry best practices, and where applicable CDISC/CDASH standards.

Customer Training

OmniComm provides a comprehensive training curriculum to ensure that customers have a thorough understanding of the many EDC options available to them. For new customers, we provide Orientation Training that delivers a series of live online lessons including EDC software overview, design specification, report writing, autocoding, UAT training, and administrator training.

Study Development

OmniComm has a dedicated team of developers who are available to build and deploy your trial for you.  We use an incremental approach to ensure that you have early review phases and testing opportunities.  Our approach ensures timely study build cycles, improved quality, and the opportunity to leverage our experience and knowledge of industry best practices.  Before providing a study to the customer for User Acceptance, we take it through a rigorous quality assurance and clinical review cycle.


Our deployment and integration engineers are experts at publishing your studies to our secure server environment. They will ensure that your study as well as any OmniComm tools or 3rd party integrated solutions (e.g. IVRS, ePRO, eLearning, Ad-Hoc Reporting) are fully functional and ready for use and operating as expected.


Archives are a critical deliverable to ensure compliance for all involved parties. OmniComm’s archive service provides a high quality submission ready archive containing all hyperlinks and book marks as expected.

Global Customer Care

Our 24 x 7 Global Customer Care team is always available to ensure quick response and knowledge so that any questions or concerns are expeditiously addressed. All of our agents are OmniComm employees, committed to providing high quality customer care services.