Improve Quality, Minimize Cost

Enable successful Risk-Based Monitoring through our simple, smart, flexible solutions.

OmniComm leads the industry in providing advanced solutions for risk-based monitoring (RBM).  TrialMaster EDC suite contains these three features to meet the growing demand of risk-based monitoring support:

  1. Dynamic Monitoring - allows sponsors/CROs to selectively mark forms for SDV.

  2. Central Source Review - enables central review and/or SDV of a scanned, auto-redacted copy of selected patient source documents.

  3. Centralized Monitoring - reports highlight questionable data and high-risk sites using a robust reporting solution and advanced key risk indicator reports, and reliable issue detection.


Our RBM solution set includes the following three core components:

1.) TrialMaster EDC – Customers utilize advanced RBM capabilities provided through TrialMaster to:

  • Configure and actively manage diverse, targeted SDV/SDR plans

  • Centrally monitor key risk indicators (KRIs) and identify emerging risks across sites and subjects

  • Remotely monitor selected source documents

  • Integrate seamlessly with best-in-class 3rd-party RBM and centralized reporting tools 

2.) RBM Enablement Services Consulting - Guided by deep clinical R&D and RBM expertise, we will enable your organization with a simple, smart methodology to ensure RBM success on an accelerated timeline.

3.) KRI Report Delivery Services – We understand the key role that centralized analytics and KRIs play in an effective RBM implementation.  Ensuring that KRI’s are selected and configured to ensure both optimal reliability and early issue detection is critical to success.  Based on your team’s needs, we will develop and deploy highly effective KRI reports accessible directly within TrialMaster.