Working above and beyond many typical EDC functions, TrialMaster EDC / CDMS can perform many tasks that historically have been seen in clinical applications external to an EDC system. Bringing these modules into the TrialMaster Suite adds a depth of functionality that offers unique business benefits to our customers including: improved efficiency and communication across multiple business units, faster study completion, and a reduction in costly integration projects, benefits which can amount to a significant cost savings across a clinical organization.



Other Systems

Data entry productivity

Intuitive navigation, calendar controls, resizable frames, custom CRF layouts if required.

Difficult to navigate, slow entry for dates and partial dates, scrolling for large forms, generic layouts.

Data entry responsiveness

Field-level responsiveness.

Page-level responsiveness. Nothing happens until you press a Submit button.

Query handling

Fewer queries due to guided data entry. Fast resolution of queries due to sophisticated workflow.

Too many queries due to server-based validation and no ability to save partial pages. Simple workflow for query resolution.


Interactive report outputs that allow filtering and sorting.

Static outputs with no filtering. Requires lots of printing!


Seamless integration between EDC and the coding tool.

Difficult integration with delays and multiple points of failure.

Study development

Multi-window, drag-and-drop.

Single window, lots of typing.

Edit check development

Drag-and-drop expression builder for JavaScript.

Proprietary interfaces and proprietary languages. Difficult to find people with programming skills.

Typical study build time

3-6 weeks.

6-12 weeks.