Transforming the e-Clinical Enterprise

Businesses are finding themselves faced with transformative change, from cloud technology to big data. No better example than the life sciences industry which is transforming from a data-driven clinical enterprise to an information-driven one. As the EDC specialists OmniComm understands the power that an information-driven clinical enterprise can bring to your clinical research organization. OmniComm is the only company that provides a choice of best-of-breed EDC platforms purpose-built for your unique clinical research environments – Early Phase, Late Phase, Phase I-IV, device trials, and Investigator Initiated. OmniComm provides the most advanced, open and interoperable EDC platforms. Through our innovative cloud technology and advanced API web services we provide you with information to make insight driven, clinical data based decisions; bringing medical therapies to patients faster with lower risk. We invite you to learn why 4 of the 5 top CROs and 7 of the 10 largest Phase I Clinics run OmniComm EDC technologies.

Study Setup

  • Reduce cost and time by streamlining study build time lines and enforcing standards across studies
  • Re-use complex study designs and components across trials leveraging industry standards
  • Manage data standards for submission
  • Provide rapid study build and design support regardless of clinical phase, therapeutic area or study styl
  • Share study design using industry standards with related applications, e.g. ePRO

Solution Sets

  • TrialMaster® EDC
  • TrialBuilder™
  • EDC Services



Site Optimization

  • Reduce costs and maximize quality through risk-based monitoring
  • Implement timely, accurate and automated investigator payment with best-of-breed integrations
  • Automate the entire financial lifecycle of global clinical trials, including contract term translation, contract management
  • Ensure site investigators are effectively and efficiently trained

Solution Sets

  • TrialMaster Risk-Based Monitoring
  • Risk-Based Monitoring Services
  • Site and investigator payments
  • OmniConnect API web services
  • OmniCloud®
  • OmniComm eLearning
  • OmniComm EDC Services

Study Conduct

  • Capture high quality data with a minimum of queries
  • Utilize complex patient randomization capabilities to drive cost-effective study drug shipping and accountability
  • Create and utilize tailored reports and SDTM data sets directly within TrialMaster® EDC for adaptive analysis and decision making
  • Capture, process and transmit safety data from an electronic source using industry standard E2B format

Solution Sets

  • TrialMaster EDC
  • TrialMaster Autoencoder
  • Patient randomization
  • OmniComm ad hoc reporting
  • OmniConnect API web services
  • SafetyLink
  • OmniCloud®
  • Transformation Services


  • Reduce time and costs needed to convert clinical data to SDTM submission ready data
  • Produce submission-ready PDFs of the clinical data for the sponsor, sites and regulatory agencies
  • Create ad hoc reports on both clinical and study management data
  • Facilitate clinical endpoint adjudication

Solution Sets

  • TrialMaster EDC
  • TrialMaster Custom Export Utility
  • OmniComm Ad Hoc reporting
  • Transformation Services