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Early-Phase Research Hospitals and CROs Sign New TrialOne® Contracts in China

Posted by Sharon Rosenberg on Feb 28, 2018 12:44:00 PM


PPC Taiwan, Hangzhou Bestand, Fudan University Huashan Hospital and Others Commit to TrialOne

OmniComm Systems, Inc. (OTCQX: OMCM), a leading provider of patient-centric, clinical data management technology, has signed landmark contracts to provide TrialOne electronic data capture (EDC) systems to several major contract research organizations (CROs) and hospitals in China.

New TrialOne clients include:

  • PPC Taiwan - the largest CRO in Taiwan.
  • Hangzhou Bestand - a division of Hainan Poly, a major pharmaceutical manufacturer in China.
  • Guangzhou Boji - a publicly trading company in China that has partnerships with several hospitals.
  • Fudan University Huashan Hospital.
  • Nanjing Gaoxin Hospital.

Citing greater efficiency and ease of use, new clients have selected TrialOne for a variety of reasons. For example, based on the research needs of its early-phase clinical sites in Taiwan and Mainland China, PPC sought a Phase I EDC system. During a yearlong evaluation process, PPC compared TrialOne to EDC systems offered by local and global vendors. The CRO chose TrialOne because the product’s browser-based system enables users to manage data from multiple sites in a central database.

Fudan University Huashan Hospital selected TrialOne after a 12-month evaluation process and will use the system to automate its current clinical trials process and optimize the operation for quality, efficiency and compliance with international standards.

Likewise, Guangzhou Boji sought an EDC system that could meet its high-quality standards and offer efficiency during early-phase clinical research. Prior to its search for a new EDC system, Guangzhou Boji had determined that the local EDC systems used by some of its partner hospitals were not up to the level of quality demanded. At the end of a thorough review process, Guangzhou Boji selected TrialOne based on total evaluation scores and a high level of confidence in TrialOne’s compliance with GCP regulation. 

As a system that is compliant with global industry standards and best practices for BA/BE studies and Phase I clinical research, TrialOne allows user organizations to ensure the quality and integrity of the data collected and managed during the clinical trial process. TrialOne also enables users to comply with the Chinese FDA’s new regulation and approval process for generic drug production in China.

“Our progression, from formulating a strategic plan two years ago to making very significant progress into the Chinese market today, has been very exciting,” said Kuno van der Post, Ph.D., chief commercial officer, OmniComm Systems. “We continue to work hard on supporting our partner and our clients to ensure they are as proficient and successful as possible.”

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