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The Data Arch

Posted by Dennis Constantinou on Nov 20, 2016 9:01:38 PM

When strategizing a clinical trial, data might seem like that annoying mountain of numbers that you are forced to analyze, but it is a living and breathing part of the project – maybe the most important part. Data tells a story and if you listen, it guides the trial and keeps it moving forward.

Data is an arching stream that runs through the center of any project to carry the natural elements that give it life. It might seem easier to push it aside through the various stages of the trial, but the sheer bulk of it suggests taming it is the wiser choice, but how? Consider ways creating a system to maintain and organize the data arch improves a clinical trial.

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Data Management

If all trials were simple projects that utilized a small number of researchers and one or two participants, then managing data would be a simpler feat, but few trials are that easy. Most involve multiple centers, anywhere from a dozen to thousands of team members and participants plus pages and pages of data. Figuring out how to monitor the data output and analysis is one of the biggest obstacle sponsors and study authors face.

Instead of seeing data as a mountain, see it as a continuous and arching stream that moves from location to location collecting valuable information. It is not a separate element of the study that you sort and analyze at the end, but something that creates flow. Sponsors harness its power when they partner with the right electronic data capture provider.

Through EDC, study sponsors and monitors utilize data in real-time to help drive the study forward. It is the key to finding critical errors, reducing operational inefficiencies and creating a risk-based monitoring environment.

Harnessing Data

During the study development and start-up process, finding ways to use data is just as important as creating study protocols and establishing a management team. The EDC solution you choose for the study should:

  • Reduce costs by streamlining data processing
  • Use proven study designs to leverage industry standards
  • Find solutions to manage data standards for submission

Effective electronic data capture systems use standardized case report forms along with corresponding eCRfs to improve workflow and focus data use.

Data is More Than Numbers

Data is information that pinpoints errors, allowing sponsors to make changes throughout the trial. Updating the system and making restructuring the CRFs right the beginning means better study cohesion as the trial moves ahead.

From start to finish, data tells the story of a clinical trial in a single, streaming arch. If you wait until the end of the study to read that story, the team misses out on an opportunity to learn from it. OmniComm is a true EDC partner that provides the tools and support necessary to harness, manage and utilize data for better clinical trial management.

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