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Training Your In-House and Site Teams

Posted by Dennis Constantinou on Sep 14, 2016 4:03:06 PM

Proper training is the key to any successful project. Clinical study team training could mean the difference between a smooth and efficient process, and errors that cost time and money. Training provides guidance and education that will instill end user confidence and maximize operational efficiency.


When working with a third party vendor like the company providing electronic data capture, businesses should expect their partner to facilitate training and enhance the effectiveness of their in-house and site teams.

Startup Training

Extensive training during the startup phase develops familiarity with the system. Take the time to work with your EDC partner to create a robust training program for all users. Schedule ample time outside of a brief session during the investigator meeting to get everyone trained. Their understanding of the system is critical to data collection and study efficiency. Users who are left to learn as they go tend to cause errors that inhibit workflow and lead to setbacks. The trial and error processing approach takes time and might mask other legitimate issues, like a system design flaw.

Continued Training

System training should go beyond just one day, too. Ongoing training improves the process and eliminates many errors, reducing the need for long on-site monitor visits and extensive query corrections. When an error does occur, a well-trained team member can spot it and resolve it quickly, minimizing delays and helping meet critical project deadlines.

Ongoing training allows the in-house team and monitors to continue to learn, too, so they know the system well enough to be the front-line of system help if something goes wrong. With comprehensive and accessible e-learning platforms, like the one within the TrialMaster® EDC system, the various teams can easily refresh their knowledge as needed during the study. In a recent global investigator site survey, 80% of participants rated TrialMaster® eLearning has highly satisfied over ten other EDC systems.

Training Leads to Quality Feedback

Well-trained teams provide quality feedback that will improve the overall system and pinpoint flaws. By arming them with a fully comprehensive understanding of the EDC system, you make them the perfect partner group to identify needed improvements for the ongoing study and in general. And the in-house teams are prepared to fully support the site staff remotely and during visits.
Familiarity with the data system through enhanced training scenarios:
  • Saves time
  • Reduces user errors
  • Improves workflow
  • Supports detailed monitoring
  • Helps identify true errors that require design changes
When combined with an EDC provider that responds to issues and answers questions, a well-educated in-house team will address problems and concerns as they come up.

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