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OmniComm Systems® Surpasses 20,000 Users Trained in TrialMaster® EDC

September 09, 2015


Dennis Constantinou
OmniComm Systems, Inc.

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Fort Lauderdale, FL, September 09, 2015 - OmniComm Systems, Inc. (OmniComm) (OTCQX: OMCM), a global leading provider of clinical data management technology, announced today that is has trained over 20,000 users for TrialMaster EDC over the past five years since the release of TrialMaster’s integrated eLearning solution. OmniComm’s milestone achievement is a result of the growing global adoption and utilization of TrialMaster EDC – the market leading electronic data capture solution. Over the past five years, TrialMaster EDC’s strong momentum has continued to grow with the adoption by thousands of users.

TrialMaster EDC has been recognized at an increasing rate by sponsors and contract research organizations (CROs) across life science and health care sectors including, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, academic and medical research organizations for the value and benefits it provides. Key customers utilizing OmniComm EDC technologies include 4 of the largest 5 global CROs.

To date, OmniComm EDC technologies are deployed in over 55 countries and over 50,000 study sites, with customers benefiting from OmniComm’s technology across all major therapeutic areas. OmniComm’s EDC technologies have been used in more than 4,000 clinical studies.

“OmniComm and our customers appreciate the value of training to ensure proficiency, quality, and compliance when using sophisticated EDC software. To support timeliness and suitability of knowledge transfer, we offer training services in a variety of modes including: hands-on classroom training, on-line, instructor-led workshops, train-the-trainer sessions, and TrialMaster eLearning,” stated Ken Light, EVP of Transformation Services, at OmniComm Systems. “Our eLearning system, which has been an unequivocal success since its inception, is a perfect illustration of enabling technology being applied to improve quality, save time, and lower costs. Coordinators, investigators, data managers, and monitors leverage TrialMaster eLearning for just-in-time, web-based training and role-based assessments. Users appreciate eLearning because it’s always available as a built-in on-line job aid. Sponsors like the tool for compliance purposes, since it creates a permanent record of who was trained, what they were trained in and when.”

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OmniComm Systems, Inc. is a leading strategic software solutions provider to the life sciences industry. OmniComm is dedicated to helping the world’s pharmaceutical, biotechnology, contract research organizations, diagnostic and device firms, and academic medical centers maximize the value of their clinical research investments. Through the use of innovative and progressive technologies these organizations drive efficiency in clinical development, better manage their risks, ensure regulatory compliance and manage their clinical operations performance. OmniComm provides comprehensive solutions for clinical research with an extensive global experience from over 4,000 clinical trials. For more information, visit www.omnicomm.com.

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