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TrialMaster EDC eLearning delivers a robust, role-specific, self-paced, web-based education tool to all site users of the TrialMaster Electronic Data Capture application.  TrialMaster EDC eLearning provides a comprehensive, secure interactive tool that leverages rich media content, audio coaching, instructional feedback and interactive assessments to deliver role-based tutorials and testing to all TrialMaster EDC site users.

Benefits of our e-Learning solution include:

Flexible Learning Approach
– TrialMaster users can learn at their own pace and at their own convenience, instead of being required to “attend” a scheduled training session.

Quality – Self-paced training technology ensures that a consistent, reliable message is delivered to all users and certifies that application skill and proficiency are achieved rapidly by having the student pass a user-assessment test.

Compliance – e-Learning software will maintain a record of successfully completed training and ensure that only trained coordinators, investigators, etc. are enabled to access the TrialMaster application.

Innovation – As an EDC technology leader OmniComm provides customers with training and support techniques that leverage innovative technology and industry leading practices.

TrialMaster eLearning Key Components and Features


The Learning Management Portal

The eLearning portal is delivered as an extra tab on the TrialMaster homepage.  The portal provides users with the capability to launch the training lessons, take a user assessment test, track the usage of eLearning and maintain records of the training completion and assessment results.  At the customer’s option, the portal ensures that users cannot enter or modify data without having successfully completed the eLearning assessment tests.

learning-management portal





TrialMaster eLearning Lessons

TrialMaster eLearning lessons present users with an interactive, web-based sampling of our application. The eLearning modules utilize technology that delivers intuitive learning through a point-and-click interface, a scripted audio dialogue and interactive features such as rollover sidelets, zoom objects, highlights and grayouts, rollover images, text animations, simulations and other rich media content.



The Student Assessment

Upon completion of each module (a group of lessons), students are required to take a short online assessment to certify that they have sufficiently learned the materials. Interactive elements such as dynamic testing, question pools, instructional feedback and instant scoring are utilized.  At the customer’s discretion, users will not be allowed to access TrialMaster unless they have successfully completed the student assessment.



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