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Data Collection

Study data can be collected in TrialOne from offices, hospitals and universities throughout the world by physicians, nurses and clinic staff using TrialOne’s proactive real-time, browser-based system. Data collection can take place at a patient’s bedside or in the examination room using tablets and other handheld devices such as mobile phones and mini barcode scanners. The clear and intuitive data collection screens provide a responsive and user-friendly method of collecting the information that is most important for your clinical trial and business.

With TrialOne, the site can electronically confirm volunteers into visits by scanning subject barcodes and start collecting data immediately. The site team can connect directly to medical devices for immediate and accurate results without the need for double data entry. TrialOne enables researchers to scan barcodes to verify the correct specimen container is being used or the correct dose is being given, and to record the collection time with a hands-free USB-attached foot switch.



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Seoul University Hospital uses TrialOne as its standardized eSource system.

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