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Sample Tracking

Barcodes have proven to be a valuable automation tool for many industries, including traditional supermarkets, which use barcodes for inventory and in checkout lines. During a clinical trial, barcodes can be used to track physical objects, to verify a patient’s physical presence and to ensure a technician has the correct tube for a blood draw — all of which are utterly important in a clinical trial.

With TrialOne, samples of all types — collected at any time during the study — can be tracked from draw through shipment or destruction. Lab staff can operate the intuitive, user-friendly interface through wall-mounted touchscreen monitors to record the processing steps. Simple or complex pathways can be accommodated allowing for divergent pathways and multiple transfers. Processing task timings can also be managed ensuring each step is performed per protocol or sample instructions. The staff can batch and un-batch samples at any time for bulk processing, storage and/or shipment.

Preprinted sample labels are often required to be prepared for volunteers, samples, doses and other events in the study protocol. The site team can quickly and easily design labels to create any variety of custom or standard labels and then print all labels directly from within TrialOne. In addition to system-generated barcodes, TrialOne supports external barcode labels, such as sampling kits, allowing the site to cater to many sponsor needs.



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Seoul University Hospital uses TrialOne as its standardized eSource system.

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