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    EDC CARE™ Qualification

Areas of Evaluation

We aim to empower our CARE-Qualified customers with the knowledge and resources to become expert study builders in OmniComm’s industry-leading EDC software so they can reduce their operational expenses, streamline data management activities and reduce their trial development timelines. The EDC CARE program is designed to evaluate our customer’s readiness across people, process and technology to ensure your organization has the expertise and resources necessary for a successful implementation.

Organizational Support

We help our customers identify the team members best fit for using TrialMaster based on background, skills, and experience and provide guidance on designating the right people to the right roles, with the optimal delegation of responsibilities.

CARE-Qualified organizations should be able to identify at least two personnel who meet OmniComm background and skill profile recommendations as well as demonstrate adequate organization of personnel among required functional roles with clearly defined responsibilities.

Operational Readiness

This program lends our customers OmniComm’s 20 years of expertise in quality trial builds by providing insight into process quality and efficiency so that our customers can support and sustain continued growth.

CARE-Qualified organizations have well-developed SOPs in place to support staff and routinely produce quality deliverables, are prepared to triage end user issues through resolution, and have a defined process to ensure transfer of knowledge between staff members.

Technical Expertise

Our goal is to promote EDC expertise as well as optimal use of OmniComm technologies through immersive instruction and knowledge sharing from qualified TrialMaster experts.

The personnel identified by CARE-Qualified organizations are able to satisfy all training requirements and successfully complete a battery of technical and practical assessments.

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