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    EDC CARE™ Qualification

Our qualification exercises span the scope of functionality that places OmniComm at the forefront of today’s EDC solutions.
CARE-Qualified customers gain:

Superior TrialMaster knowledge
, from fundamentals to advanced utilities, and the essential tips, tricks, and best practices for your organization to leverage the entirety of the TrialMaster suite

Optimal organizational efficiency
to expedite study build timelines and decrease operational expenses

Comprehensive EDC expertise to elevate study builds from functional tools to integral data management resources that streamline clinical operations and promote positive trial outcomes


The CARE-Qualified difference starts with our leading, site-preferred, EDC technology solution, supported by intensive, hands-on training from OmniComm experts.

Our CARE-Qualified customers can proceed with confidence that their proficiency in the software applications expands beyond the technical know-how to a higher level of mastery supplemented by useful tips and tricks, as well as the best practices shared directly from TrialMaster experts.

Beyond the classroom, the CARE-Qualified difference continues with a comprehensive evaluation of organizational support and operational efficiency to ensure an optimal foundation to support long-term growth while maintaining high-quality study database builds.

Click below to learn how EDC CARE and the CARE-Qualified difference can benefit your organization.

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