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Are you a lean organization looking for a way to optimize your resources? Do you wish to identify and eliminate potential gaps in your processes? Perhaps you simply want to increase your marketability to your customers by expanding your portfolio of technical expertise. No matter what your situation, our multi-tiered EDC CARE qualification program offers opportunity for all skill levels to gain expert knowledge in a leading EDC technology and demonstrate proficiency in the preferred EDC platform of investigator sites.
OmniComm’s EDC CARE program

Technology adoption of the complete TrialMaster suite (including TrialBuilder and TrialExplorer). Our comprehensive training courses and qualification exams encompass the following disciplines to ensure our CARE-Qualified customers are able to fully leverage the software’s potential:
  • Trial administration
  • Codelist, group, and form creation
  • Edit check development
  • Import/Export templates
  • Advanced topics like custom exports, coding, reporting, lab normal range setup, cross form edits, custom workflows, data standards, etc.
Organizational and operational readiness through a consultative review of:
  • Supporting personnel and their relevant background and skill sets
  • Delegation of roles and responsibilities
  • Study design, build, testing, support, and training procedures
Overall EDC expertise in the areas of:
  • Study design and build best practices
  • Study specifications
  • Unit testing and study build quality assurance/validation
  • End user training and support

Whether your organization is new to building clinical trial databases, or is already an expert trial builder in a different software platform, OmniComm will guide you and your team through the program step-by-step to help you gain the most value from your EDC CARE experience.

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